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Dr. Henry Sharfaei

Dr. Henry Sharfaei

Family and Comprehensive Dentistry

A 1992 Graduate of Northwestern’s School of Dentistry with extensive experience in endodontia, exodontia, crowns, bridges, veneers, and full mouth rehabilitation. He uses a personal practice style which embraces the continuing education of new dental techniques, detailed attention to procedure, and warm, caring, responsible patient service.

Associate Professor of Physiology and Pathology – Chicago National College of Naprapathy, Chicago, IL (1993 – 1995) – having conducted classes in Neurophysiology, Cardiovascular Physiology, Respiratory Physiology, Renal Physiology, Acid-Base Physiology, Gastroenterology, Endocrinology, Musculoskeletal Physiology, Immune Physiology, Reproductive Physiology, and Integumentary Physiology.

Author – having co-authored numerous text books, supporting workbooks, and visual materials on the topic of Modern Sectional Anatomy published by Triton College Press (1990) and W.B. Saunders Co. (1992).

Award Recipient – having received the Outstanding Achievement in Operative Dentistry from the Academy of Operative Dentistry in April 1993. Dr. Sharfaei is currently working towards his diplomate status in Dental Sleep Medicine with LVI Global Institute. He is also a member of the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine. Dr. Sharfaei is a community volunteer and devoted husband and father.

Dr. Semira Rezayazdi

Dr. Semira Rezayazdi

Family and Comprehensive Dentistry

Dr. Yazdi graduated from the University of Iowa, where she obtained her bachelor’s degree with honors in Biology and Chemistry. She also received her Doctor of Dental Surgery (D.D.S.) degree from the College of Dentistry at the University of Iowa in the year 2000, where she was awarded the prestigious Dean’s Leadership award.

Dr. Yazdi strongly believes that excellence in dentistry is attained by mutual trust and open communication in addition to exceptional clinical skills.  Her philosophy is that trust and spirit of cooperation are fundamental for success in treating each individual and should supercede all other factors.

Dr. Yazdi is a member of The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD), American Dental Association (ADA), Illinois Dental Association (ISDS) and Chicago Dental Society (CDS). She has completed and continues to complete numerous hours of continuing education courses to keep up to date with the latest technology in all phases of Dentistry including restorative, implant and cosmetic dentistry.

Dr. Yazdi is also a member of the Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine (ADSM).  She focuses on the management of sleep-related breathing disorders including snoring and obstructive sleep apnea, with oral appliance therapy (OAT). She works closely with sleep physicians in the diagnosis, treatment and ongoing care for sleep related breathing disorders adhering to the recommended guidelines by the ADSM.

In 2003-2004 edition by the Consumers Research Council of America, Dr. Yazdi was listed in the “Guide to America’s Top Dentist”.  She was also listed in the “Manchester Who’s Who Among Executive and Professional Women in Dentistry,” and included in the 2004-2005 “Honors Edition” of registry.

Dr. Yazdi and her husband, Dr. Adel, and their two sons reside in Naperville. Dr. Yazdi is actively involved in Patterson Elementary and Crone Middle Schools volunteering her time and energy and giving back to her community.

Dr. John Marsala

Dr. John Marsala

TMD, Head and Neck Pain, Sleep Apnea, Family and Full Mouth Reconstructive Dentistry

Comprehensive Dentistry with an Emphasis on Head and Neck Pain & Full Mouth Reconstructive Care. He considers all dentistry cosmetically.
Dr. John Marsala’s passion for dentistry began when he chose it as his life’s career at the age of 15. Born in Chicago and raised in Glen Ellyn he started his undergraduate studies at North Central College in 1976. During his time at North Central College, Dr. Marsala trained under a local orthodontist manufacturing oral appliances. This experience blossomed into an independent orthodontic lab business that served dozens of orthodontists in the Chicago land area. Focusing on the ultimate goal of dental school, he completed the required studies in the first two years, and by taking the fast track, he was accepted into dental school after his sophomore year of undergrad.

Dr. Marsala graduated from Loyola’s School of Dentistry in the top of Loyola’s handpicked centennial class in 1983. While at Loyola he researched and presented clinical expositions on dental kinesiology and TMJ and received top awards from faculty and the coveted “Students Choice Award”. Having finished clinical requirements early, Dr. Marsala also trained in advanced prosthodontics and was called upon by Loyola’s clinical chairman to handle difficult cases.

Dr. Marsala has also done much independent study in classical occlusion theories, avant-garde neuromuscular occlusion theories, and TMJ, and continues to study the latest general dental techniques and technologies.

He is a dentist in love with practicing family dentistry with a passion for the complex, advanced technologies and theories in oral rehabilitation. Dr. Marsala balances the scope of his practice between family dentistry and the management of sleep-disordered breathing, oral facial pain, gnathology, and full oral rehabilitation. He is a member of The International College of Cranio-Mandibular Orthopedics and the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine. Dr Marsala has been studying TMD issues and treatment since 1977 and has great success in treating sleep apnea with oral appliances.

Besides dentistry occupying a large portion of his time, Dr. Marsala lives with a particular emphasis in the Internal Martial Arts, Chi Qong, singing, and playing guitar. Above all, he appreciates and loves his family very much.
“Allow me to give you my undivided attention so I can fulfill your dental needs with all my ability. The passions which first drew me to choose this career at fifteen years old are still within me and only continue to develop and grow. I thank you in advance for choosing to work with us. Walk in Peace.”


Dr. Deanne Deleon

Dr. Deanne Deleon

Family and Comprehensive Dentistry

Dr. DeLeon received her doctor of dental medicine degree from Southern Illinois University in Alton, IL. She attended University of Illinois at Chicago where she received her Bachelor of Science in mathematics.

Dr. Raza A. Hussain

Dr. Raza A. Hussain

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon

Dr. Raza Hussain joined the Wheatland Dental Care team in December of 2011 as the clinic’s Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon. Dr. Hussain grew up in Wisconsin, the eldest of five children, all of whom pursued careers in dentistry.

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